The Spectre Of The Covenant: Gary Bonn, 2012. 6-7 minutes. No Warnings

Be Nice: Gary Bonn: 2012: 30 minutes: Includes violence and sex

The Ugly Narcissus: Gary Bonn: 2017. Warnings: mild graphic violence

The Fool: Gary Bonn, 2017. 8 Minutes

The Fool II: Gary Bonn, 2017. 8 Minutes

Aberrant Behaviour: Gary Bonn, 2017, 4 Minutes

The Yes-No of Dreams: Gary Bonn, 2013. Fiction. 2 Minutes.

No Demons: Gary Bonn, 2017, 4 Minutes.

Nightmare: Gary Bonn, 2017, 3 minutes

The Children in the Copse: Gary Bonn, 2017, 4 minutes

POV: Gary Bonn, 2019, 2 minutes

Force Familial: Gary Bonn, 2019, 1 minute

Genius Loci, Gary Bonn, 2018





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