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There are nine books below: four fantasy, three science fiction and two action/adventure young adult. More books coming soon!

Muffy College, Cambridge - Published now!
Errol, bright and witty, wants to be an astrophysicist.
Juliet, hard, streetwise, and with a heart of gold wants to be a plumber.
Cheryl has the highest IQ ever recorded and doesn’t know what she wants—except the occasional man.
One of them is destined to end the universe. All of them are about to receive a rude awakening in which they learn nothing is as it seems, not the universe, the world, or themselves.
Welcome to Muffy College.
Your course starts now.

The rest of the series:

CDH 207 x 331

CF 207 x 331 x 72dpi

Rude Awakening 207x331






Science Fiction series beginning with Hive Mind:

Five very different people are thrown into action and chaos to deal with the unknown and unpredictable.

This is their story of insufficient forces, untrained militia and unstoppable enemy infiltration.

When victory is impossible – defeat inevitable and you have nowhere to hide – you must do the unthinkable

Hive Mind 207x331

This is You 207x331

Subtle Strike 207x331






Young Adult Books: Please click on the image to see the first chapters and reviews.


Tef 207 331


The Evil and the Fear

You’re scared of me, don’t trust me, don’t understand.
Join the club: that’s exactly how I feel about me.
I need warmth and kindness and, dare I ever hope, a boyfriend who I can love and loves me. What I get is an over-controlling foster parent and school mates who keep away.
What you’re going to get is how it feels to be me and, one way or another, I’m going to make you understand you’re not exactly sane either. Hi, I’m Beatha. Let me into your life: I need a friend.





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