..UFOAI 03


All Level Clearance
From: Lt Janis Dupceck (intel).
FAO PHALANX Commander in Chief Charles McKenzie
Transcript of live podcast, Scotland UK 14:25 BST: 2084, 06, 13
Related to: request for intelligence regarding alien behaviour and ability to detect the presence of humans


Right, so the hard disk is dead but this runs on a flash card so people can hear this? Good. Hello, people of the world. This is Mhari Tait in Dumfries, Scotland, UK. I’m with Jack whose camera isn’t working and Caillie whose phone is. She’ll get video that we can upload later. Until then you’ll have to put up with my voice.

OK, we’re live, it’s two-twenty-five in the afternoon and we’re headed towards the Queen of the South football stadium. Jack reckons a plane landed vertically there. It could be UN but he thinks the shape was more alien and that explains why the hard-drive of his camera died. Sorry, wait a bit, I’m out of breath. Jack! Idiot, he was just about to get flattened by a lorry.

Shit, a big flash in the sky. Maybe this is an attack after all. Yes, that’s a lot of noise from the stadium. Some people already spilling out. A dad carrying his son. People running like mad and jumping over roadworks. We’ll never get close at this rate. Caillie, help me up onto that wall; we can walk along it.
Hang on, people, this won’t take a sec. That’s it, my hand. Jack, get my foot.
OK, I’m peering through a crack in a broken brick. Right, oh my God it’s mayhem. People are pushing other people out of the way, just treading on anyone who’s fallen. Everyone’s screaming. I’ll have to shout over them. Hope you can all still hear me.

There’s no way we’re going to get into the stadium we’d be flattened in the panic. Jack, stop pulling me. Holy crap! Something cut through the crowd. I mean cut through … like a green laser beam.

Oh God there are people burning or chopped in half. Jack, stop it, we’re safe and I need to see. Dozens of people … some of them are still alive, crawling. Smoke’s coming from their clothes. There’s another crowd racing down Terregles Street and smoke pouring out of the stadium.

Shut up. No way am I leaving, Caillie. Go if you want to. No, get back! Sorry, people, an alien’s come out of the stadium. Red clothes. A big helmet. Some sort of gun. There are metal things moving on the ground beside it, like silver fish or spiders. The road is nearly empty of running people now, just the dead and injured left. Maybe eighty or ninety. Oh God, the spiders are pulling the bodies back into the stadium entrance. Why? Maybe we’ll get a chance to see.

The alien is still shooting, picking off the few scattered and dodging people with incredible accuracy. It shot through a waste skip. Why would it do that? No! How did it know there were people hiding behind it? Can it see through solid objects?
There’s a bus … go back. Oh God go back. The alien has just fired into the front of a bus. It swerved onto the kerb and smashed into a bollard.

Shit, the alien’s headed our way. We’re hiding in an alcove. It can’t see us yet, but there’s not enough room for the three of us to hide easily. If the alien gets any closer it’ll see Caillie.

Caillie, I’m going to distract it. I’ll dive into the roadworks; you two will have a second to get round the corner. This will be the fastest sprint of my life. On three. Ready?
One, two…


©Gary and Christy Bonn, 2014

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