Resume of the laboratory report regarding the loss and escape of test subject 05772





Richmond and his staff are detained under your security directive. All documents, voice and video recordings are in my secure possession and available only to you. I await your decision and guidance regarding this potentially grave situation.

In brief:

In June last year a 6-7 year old feral was captured and supplied to Dr Richmond for study. A thorough examination of the specimen revealed nothing unusual physically or mentally. Richmond remains emphatic that it is no different to us despite its origins and therefore suitable for research. The child remained fearful and distrusting throughout the test period. He claimed that our forces had killed most of his clan. After failed attempts to restructure the child’s thought patterns, Richmond concluded that the subject was too young to understand that our extinction programme of his kind is a merciful necessity.

In accordance with your wish to explore means of minimising rebellious thinking within our population, Richmond and his team pursued their task of identifying that area of the brain (or the mind, as Richmond insists) that polices perception of reality.

Richmond believes that we edit out a great deal of sensory information in order to function, and doctrine dictates what we perceive. I watched an early experiment on the subject in which Richmond used a hologram. The child saw a fairy dancing across a lawn (though he said it looked unlike any fairy he’d seen before). People from our culture saw a leaf blowing over the grass and failed to notice it moved against the wind. Convinced Richmond was on to something, I released funds for further experimentation.

This research is in its early stages, and Richmond, having identified the area of the mind, could only test by destruction. He hoped that the child would be prone to hallucinations and fail to understand the difference between reality and delusion. In a sense this was entirely successful. The child started talking to imaginary people.

The loss of the subject followed immediately when the child, under the impression he was speaking to his deceased mother, rose out of his bonds and into the air as if being picked up. He hugged his hallucination and appeared to be carried across the laboratory and through the (substantial, concrete) wall as if it weren’t there.

The experiment was conducted at night and pursuit outdoors proved impossible. We have a feral (with considerable knowledge of our culture and systems) loose and possibly able to share information with any gypsies and other undesirables it meets.

I beg to meet with you at your convenience in order that I can benefit from your wisdom and guidance in this matter.




© Gary Bonn: 2012


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