Gary Bonn’s Free Creative Writing Course

Modules: (These are merely suggestions for self-study. You may wish to add to them or seek guidance from another author.*)

Staring at a blank screen for hours
Tearing your hair out
Advanced Facebook
Worrying that GCHQ/NSA/spouse are monitoring your Google searches
Facebook withdrawal systems
Typing madly at 04:30 when you get an idea
Ignoring threats of divorce
Looking at your work and feeling smug
Submitting your work to agents/publishers
Waiting for a response/advanced waiting/Master of Waiting
Screaming and shrieking skills + tears
Using rejection slips as domestic fuel
Methods of self-harm
Learning all you can about writing from internet writing forums
Desperately trying to forget everything they told you.
Working with editors:
Methods of harming other people (editors)
Sorting out your personality problems and unrealistic aspirations
Getting a real job
Creating your CV and realising how brilliant you are at writing fiction

*Note: Try not to speak to authors hanging from a tree and looking stiff and blue.

©Gary Bonn: 2016 (as if anyone cares … sniff…)