Curl up and Die

Curl up and die 02 44%.

I’m seventeen and still a virgin. Angharad says I’m her first boyfriend so she may be a virgin too. It’s been two weeks going out together. I breathe; my heart beats to fuel my brain so I can think about her. I know you can rush things but I think you can be too slow as well. I don’t know how sex begins. Do you talk about it? Does it just happen? Anyway, she’s starting a new job this afternoon and we’re going out this evening so it’s time for that big moment. I know it sounds silly, dear reader, but I am a teeny bit nervous but I will not show any outward sign. I’ll prove it: I’ll give you a moment by moment account.

It took nearly an hour to find a chemist with a man behind the counter. A man. Get that, you multinational purveyors of condoms, chamomile and cosmetics? A man. He looked up as I entered. I felt as weak and dizzy as I had this morning holding Angharad’s hand.

Condoms are easy to find (why are they beside the stockings?). Grabbing a packet of ‘Extra Safe’ I put them on the counter and try to conceal them as best I can under my hand in case another customer comes in. Condensation around my palm blurs the glass surface; my armpits are wet. However I’m not blushing I even manage “slightly bored”. The man moves towards me, picking up a box and opening a door to throw it through. He shouts to someone, ‘Oh there you are… Serve the young gentleman, Angharad.’


.©Gary Bonn 2011

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