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For the attention of Brigadier Craithie. UN PHALANX.

Security: White

Hi, Allan.

Janis (068-5. I, US). I don’t know how important this is but sending it anyway

You probably know all about this already but this is a first-person account received at 21:52. Unedited, it contains typographical errors that may illustrate the emotional tension of the witness. I have no further data at the moment.

I believe this is an account of Sigma Squad (Given that they are the only squad we never get told about) in action earlier today. I will confirm when I get more information.

E.F. 223(AG). Intel. 22:00 GMT

Please, just tell me about Sigma and what they are doing. Someone needs to deal with this stuff and I doubt you have funding for more staff. No one here knows what they are up to. That means no one in the whole of Intel knows. I do confidential very well. You have to trust someone.

I’ll get back to you when I know more but I think this happened in Mississippi, US.

This lady (19-year-old) shows courage and clear thinking in extreme circumstances. She may be worth considering for conscription.

Post found: 21:52. GMT. Links sent separately.


Now this is all in the open and we can talk about it. I’m going to talk about it. Sorry I can’t talk long. It’s been a shit day and I’m nearly asleep.

Right now, well just a moment ago, I fed my little niece, washed her and tucked her in the cot. She’s 18 months old. OK, She’s looking a little less pretty than she was this morning. The graze on her face goes from the forehead to her chin. The doc says the big dressing can come off her head tomorrow.

My aunt is still in hospital but they say she’s going to be OK.

Shall I start from the beginning?

I know there’s a place in Africa that’s been attacked over and over but we didn’t expect it here. My brother just asked why and I don’t have an answer. It would probably involve probability and math. I do music.

So, I was with my aunt in the park. She was going towards the pond and pushing Natalie in her buggy. I was with my nephew Charles. We were chasing pigeons.

The alien harvesting ship appeared. Everyone panicked. OK, I panicked too. You do, don’t you? We’ve all seen it on video. One minute everyone is doing normal stuff and the next there are people running around on fire.

That’s what happened. I got Charles behind a bush – like that would stop an alien weapon. I froze. I was crap.

A green light hit a man. He exploded near the statue of Billy. Just exploded. A bit of him landed near us. It was still burning.

Then the shooting really started. The bush wasn’t going to save us. I grabbed Charles in my arms and ran like fuck until something hit my leg. I told Charles to hide behind a tree.

Do you know how slow time can go? I aged 20 years as I watched him run. I burst into tears when he got to safety.

Now, this is the bit I want to talk about.

We’ve all seen firebird dropships on TV. We’ve seen UN troops take on the aliens. Shit, my eyes a a blur with tears. Spell check is cracking up.

So this firebi8rd came down so fast I thought it was going to crash. The doors were open before it landed. Suddenly there were UN soldiers everywhere. Like they had exploded from the firebird. They were killing aliens, shooting like fuck. How does a human drop so fast from the sky, land so hard on the grass, aim, shoot and kill?

There was so much fire and flashes. A soldier threw herself/himself over my aunt and Natalie while still shooting at the enemy.

How is this possible? I’ve run it through my head again and again. OK, I’ll never be able to do that, to be like that soldier. But I can support them.

There has been so much stuff on the net that the UN has been underfunded (I’ve just sent all my money) – there is a fund. But what really pisses me off is the criticism that they have had to bring in mercenaries and assassins because they don’t have enough money to train recruits.

Well, fuck you, everyone. If those were mercenaries and assassins they were the best people I’ve ever seen.

©Gary Bonn: 2016


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