Miracle and Serenity

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You are amazing! I can’t believe we did it. I’ve met Bayo-yu and Tahlia – they’re here!!!! – Ishmael is coming but won’t be here – not until later today. I wish you could all be here – all 11,000 + of you most wonderful people. The mayor is so mad but had to give a speech telling everyone what a wonderful thing we’ve all done – and then went on forever about guns and how everyone should carry one. What really screws him is that where adults fucked up – we kicked ass.

Miracle was going out with Cooper when the attack happened. We knew all of them, well, not so much Billy, he was in first grade. The whole of Greenwood was shocked that a family died – and in such an awful way. Miracle was devastated that Cooper was dead. We were seriously pissed when the mayor turned out to be such a prick after all the campaigning we did.

I’m going to go through all the threads and show you how amazing you are. Some of you may not know all of it – and I want the world to have a record of what everyone did. If I miss anything – tell me.


June second:


I post that the mayor has stopped the making of the statue because the money would be better spent on guns to protect us from attacks and that a bronze statue would take too long anyway. All we had was a pedestal – no statue and no plaque.

Ishmael (Israel) said bronze statues could be done fast – he said a week.

Tahlia (Australia) set up a Paypal fund and put fifty Australian dollars in it

Lots of other stuff happened but those are the important bits.


June third:


Ishmael and Eva (New Zealand) – and a bunch of others discussed how to make a statue quick. Ishmael and Eva won out with 3D printing and the ancient lost wax system.

Money came in from all over the world – we were up to $871 in 24 hours.

Bayo-Yu (China) uploaded the video Billy made before he died (and made us all send the link to everyone on our email lists). She included the parts that the authorities took out before ‘leaking’ it. The world saw what really happened to Billy’s family, what happened to his sister and even the part where Billy jumped out of the tree to kill himself. The world went crazy – and she and her pop were put in prison.

Jake (Eire) Started a worldwide petition to have Bayo-Yu and her pop released.

Vampz (New Guinea) got his mom to let him use her printer at work. Qoslaaye (Somalia) and his whole team started to put together a life-size 3D blueprint of a boy in a tree and holding a phone.

Miracle and I beg Billy’s relatives for any photos they have of him and sent them to Qoslaaye

Just over $18,000 in the fund. I said that’s got to be enough.


June fourth:


Vampz’s mom told us that her company would print three figures (in case something went wrong – and it did – good one, Mike! (Virgin Islands)) at cost price but had to finish a prototype plane model first. After several hundred of us jammed their inbox and switchboard they did it right away. (That was a bit mean of us. Sorry, QEN-Tech – you were awesome.)

131,859 signed Jake’s famous petition. The President (US) was asked to sign. She didn’t do anything but it spread the word.

Ciriaco (Italy) said he’d worked out that concrete could make a mold (OK, mould to some of you – and stop making jokes about fibre/fiber, lol)


June Fifth


$29,000 in the fund

Petition reaches 1.2 million from all over the world. Becomes headline news in many countries. China mad as hell.

First model completed and crated up ready to go to Italy. Ciriaco suddenly famous and on TV. Lots of experts on casting offer to help.

Miracle and I up all night making sure the models and shipping are paid for.


June Sixth


My pop gets his accountant to handle the fund. He does it for free. Thanks Kevin!

Petition 3.2 million. Demonstrations outside Chinese Embassies across the world. Edward Snowden and Amnesty International get going.


June seventh


Ishmael injured in attack – they landed beside his house. Lost his best friend and one of our founder members Khaled (who had helped with setting up this site).

First model of Billy lands in Italy

Petition 5.6 million. Jake delivers it to the Chinese Embassy in Europe.


June Eighth


Ciriaco gets the model. It was slightly damaged but said he’ll use it for a trial run.


June Ninth


Two more models arrive in Italy

China refuses to let Edward Snowden in for talks. Riots in China.


June Tenth


Jake meets Edward Snowden. Ciriaco can’t go – he’s too busy with the new molds.

Mayor of Greenwood says he’ll commission a statue of Billy to be made in the US. Demonstration outside Town Hall. His car gets covered in eggs. Moron.


June Eleventh


After working flat out, Ciriaco has a statue – but says it needs to be redone. He says he’s made a really good plaque. He refines his technique with all sorts of expert help – especially to reduce cooling times which came as a shock.


June Twelfth


Europe, Australia, New Zealand and others call for the release of Bayo-yu and her pop.


June Thirteenth


Ishmael out of the hospital. Makes an announcement that he would be dead if it were not for Billy.

US calls for release of Bayou-yu and pop. China beginning to back down and starts talks with UN. Still loads of riots.


June Fourteenth


Ciriaco faints from exhaustion but a doctor offered his time for free and would be there until the statues were completed.


June Fifteenth


Ciriaco has two perfect statues! Italy wants one and pays the fund $10,000 for it. Ciriaco gets flooded with commissions from around the world.

39 artists, metalworkers and sculptors are working in shifts to polish ours.

Bayo-yu and family expelled from China. Norway (Europe) offered sanctuary.

A person who wishes to remain anonymous phones me personally from the UN (yes, I never posted this bit) and we start plotting together.


June Sixteenth


The UN fly the statue (still pretty warm and maybe a bit soft inside) and the plaque to US in a Saracen. This stops any chance of our authorities screwing our plans up. Go UN!

Bayo-yu and family flown to Mississippi. Outrage that the UN is ignoring all the rules and doing whatever they damn well want.


June Seventeenth


All night work. Riot police surrounded the park – but just let the crane in. You probably saw why. A UN flight brought the statue by firebird and landed in the park. When the soldiers poured out (all wearing armor and carrying alien weapons) everyone cheered – including the police. No one’s going to mess with people that put their lives on the line every day for us.

Miracle and I – and everyone else – were crying when the statue was lifted into place.

We were asked to make a speech – I bet you’ve all seen it by now. Sorry about the floods of tears. It was brilliant when Bayo-yu took over though.

If you couldn’t hear us clearly when we read it out – here it is.

We want to thank people. We want to thank Billy Reynolds for his bravery that showed the world the new alien tactics. Billy lost his family and his life but in being so cool in a desperate situation and filming the aliens instead of running away he’s saved countless lives.

We’d like to thank all the members of the site ‘CHNW!’ for their hard work, initiative and amazing generosity. I’d like the world to know that everyone in the team is still at school. Young people and children honoring the bravest six-year-old any of us have ever known.

We’d like to thank Edward Snowden and Amnesty International for their help.

And thank you, UN Military, for fighting so hard for us and for what you’ve done over the last few days.

And thank you, all those other people who got involved and offered to do things for free or at cost price.

And thank you, Billy.”

.June Eighteenth

.I know it’s still the seventeenth but what do we do next?


©Gary and Christy Bonn, 2014

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